About Special Beauty project

If you get a chance to meet a child with special needs, don’t look at his disabilities.
Don’t look at his wheelchair, his feeding or breathing tube or the syringes he is being fed with.
Don’t look at his twitches or seizures or his tightened body.
Don’t see him as some unfortunate creature, that wasn’t lucky enough to be born normal.
Don’t see him as a poor little baby.
Don’ see him as a mistake of nature.

Instead of all that try to look at his sparkly eyes,
his tiny sincere smile,
his gentle response to his mother’s touch or voice.
Look at his tremendous desire for life,
his magnificent ability to express more with his sight than the many others with lips full of words do.
Don’t look at his special needs,
because you will miss his special beauty.
Try to see more …
Try to see him as I do,
his mother.

See him as a miracle of life.


I am Urška Golob, mother of a 5-years old Julian, my special child. After giving birth to a child with special needs I brought home – along with a tiny helpless baby – the new-found ability to observe miracles of life in its tiniest form. Instead of high-flying expectations about big important things and how perfect my life should be I’ve become more and more aware of the small thing, that truly make life more beautiful and are in many way more essential than the big things we all want. I’ve got rid of all the ballast and have begun to live fuller than ever before.

Somewhere on my way I’ve found my passion for capturing all the beautiful moments – photography. My son has become – as in many times before – once again my teacher. Julian doesn’t walk or sit by himself, he can’t even hold his head upright; he doesn’t feed himself, he doesn’t speak and we are not sure how much he really sees but he surely cannot sustain eye contact. Typical portrait photography is a no-go in his case. No matter all the previously listed things he is still the most beautiful model I’ve ever photographed.  The beauty and the specialness I feel every day, every moment when I am with  my son – these two things I want to capture also with my lens.

I know that every parent of a child with special needs see child the same way I do my son. That is not a hard thing to do. After all they are our children and we would do anything for them. But I wish that the whole world could see these special children in that way. All the people that may never had a contact with a person with special needs, all the people that see just their disabilities and diagnoses, all of people who see these children more or less just as children with special needs.

Our children are much much more than just that. I am becoming even more aware of that any time I get a chance to meet another special child. The eyes of our children speak of a fairy-tales, full of happiness and joy, their lips are often smiling and it doesn’t matter how tiny or big the smile is – it always speaks about their inner contentment and peace.

Our children are not just children with special needs – they are special children, they are extraordinary and they radiate a SPECIAL BEAUTY. My Special Beauty project is nothing more and nothing less than showing you our special children the way we – their parents – see them: as SPECIALLY BEAUTIFUL.

You can see more special children on this link: Special Beauty (click on the individual photo opens a page with photos and text about the indivuidual child).

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